What Clients Say

"I came to Inner Power Livin’ to remove money blocks that I was holding. After releasing a lot of emotional baggage, I gained more clarity, confidence and more income! Jeroen has made a huge difference in my life, we've done a few calls together and the coaching helped me to break through financially as well as emotionally. Now I'm living my passion and you have been a huge contributing factor for that happening!"
Seb (UK)
“I was particularly motivated to increase my income, and to release myself from the emotional attachment for personal reasons.. I was amazed to feel the release immediately. I was crying and I felt the pain releasing. And after this release I achieved so much more easily. Income and opportunities definitely increased. Lots of changes occurred to me short after releasing a lot of energetic blockages. I manifested $3,067 in just 1 day and $4,500 in 1 week, and $6,227 in 12 days. I've made over $18,000 in just a few months."
Iulia (Canada)
Brand Director & Consultant
“Jeroen, you are the man. Thank you for all you have done during our sessions. My money has gone up, Happiness has gone up, confidence and much more. What I am most happy about is sales are just coming in easier and easier. No longer do I have to struggle and push for sales. People just want to buy buy buy. Happy days. Thank you so much.”
Gavin (UK)
“I’ve been meaning to take time to share some words for a while about my experience with Jeroen. Embarking on my deep journey of self discovery began a month before my first session with him, once I began, everything shifted! We still have far to go and l look forward to my sessions in the New Year, however the beginning has been pivotal. Delving into my trapped emotions has caused me to look deeper into the mirror, to work on myself, to be better for others! My business has propelled I’m the past month and I recently hit my first $1k day! If you’re on the fence about it, let go, have faith, trust the process and jump! You’ll be forever grateful you did!”
Shannon (Australia)
“After I got Jeroen’s help I couldn't be more glad.. The following week my business got in such a momentum! I had 4 sales in only 1 day, 2 sales the day after and a total payout of $2,400 in commissions in just 3 days! Plus I was attracting many people asking me about my business.”
Luana (Brasil)
“I came to Jeroen to unleash the money blockers that were holding me back from an abundant lifestyle. After releasing lots of emotional blockages, I started to attract sales. If you are struggling to break free of your inner voices holding you back from the abundant life you deserve, this is for you. I would highly recommend Jeroen since I had some serious breakthroughs that I didn’t know existed. Thank you and God bless your journey. See you on the next session.”
Shawn (Canada)
“Jeroen was introduced to me by one of my mentors. In seeing the results from others who had signed up and attended sessions with Jeroen I thought I must do this for myself. I felt that there was something that was blocking me from achieving and reaching my goals. Jeroen is such an amazing person and his work is incredible. After my first long distance session and for no reason I started crying. I could not stop the tears from flowing and could not work out why until I sent a message to Jeroen and asked if he had started my sessions. He had… I felt that something had been shifted in a big way. I have had a number of sessions with Jeroen. With these sessions he has removed so many blocks that I was not aware of. I am now so much more at peace with myself, calmer in my thought process, I am now working through my daily tasks easily and effortlessly, my negative thoughts are no longer there. I manifested a job offer working two days a week for $500 a day which I then took! That made me $2,500 in just 5 days of working a couple of hours per day. Adding to it, I made $1,000 passively from my online business! I highly recommend Jeroen to anyone who is feeling that they are stuck and not moving forward.”
Tracy (Australia)
“I came to Jeroen to unblock and or correct some aspects of my life; Love, Abundance, Health. While working with Jeroen I went in completely open minded, and the results were more then what I expected. The results were absolutely amazing and accurate. On my first session Jeroen brought up some amazing facts and started working on my blockages. This maybe personal but I’m honestly an open book. We’ve all had our struggles but someone might be able to relate to me. I was in a bad relationship, and I was basically the one who kept the family whole, the bread winner, the everything… I was unhappy and I wanted more out of life. I got out of the relationship but I didn’t feel like it was necessary to file for Divorce. ONE DAY while on a session with Jeroen he asked question after question and the more that was being released, I noticed I was holding on to something I should have released 2 years ago. With every gasp a block was cleared, some of you may not believe it but I felt the energy being cleansed. During that session, Jeroen pointed out some blockages that were clearly holding me back. After clearing them up and after my session I made a big decision that I clearly had been trying to avoid… but somehow had the straight and power to do with no hesitation. That same morning my heart wanted what it wanted and I called in sick and found myself at the court house filling for divorce. Two years to the actual day, Crazy right?. I truly believe it was because the blockage was cleared. We’re all made of energy and sometimes we feel things that at times we ignore. Which then builds up blockages. Jeroen, I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me. It was time for a new start. And you helped me get there. I am now ready to accept what’s meant for me. I look forward to working with you on clearing out more blockages. You are great, and very caring. I appreciate all of your help. I look forward to having my friends work with you as well.. you will be highly recommended in my book. With lots of care, Maribel”
Maribel (USA)
“I thought the sessions were great. Ample scheduling and clear instructions were giving prior to each session. Afterward, I felt lighter. Interesting feeling. I became more positive and have attracted more positive situations and people. I began to feel more bold and courageous to do things that seemed financially impossible/irrisponsible. This helped clear the negativity and gave me more faith that God has only abundance for me. This lead directly to my safety from 2 hurricanes that destroyed my country and home. Since the sessions, I have been able to sustain a higher energy level for longer. I continue to vibrate positive people that are blessings to me, situations, and opportunities. God really works out everything for my good and that is what I am vibrating. Forever grateful to the Lord for sending me the help I needed from Jeroen.”
Sieño (Puerto Rico)
“I came to Jeroen for Energy Healing. I have severe fibromyalgia. I was able to get some pain relief when nothing else was working! The changes I experienced through working with Jeroen are subtle yet effective. As I am working with Energy Healing more and more, my life is continually improving. I would definitely recommend Jeroen!”
Brigette (USA)
Energy Healer
“My sessions with Jeroen have opened up so much for me. He has been kind, understanding, and nonjudgemental throughout the process. During our sessions, he was able to release many trapped emotions I didn’t even realize were holding me back. In the short time we have been working together, I have been able to open up creatively, my energy has shifted, and I have been able to work at a much higher energy level. I had not been able to bring myself to do yoga or meditate for quite some time before I started working with Jeroen, and after our sessions, I was able to get back to my practice again. Last, but not least, the neck pain I have dealt with on an almost constant basis for years is almost completely gone. I feel lighter, happier and more energetic. People around me have mentioned my new sparkle and are asking me what I am doing differently. I can’t thank you enough Jeroen. Looking forward to more sessions!”
Melody (USA)
When I met Jeroen for the first time, I really didn’t know what to expect but he made me feel very comfortable and as my meetings continue with him, I realized that there are things that happened in my life that I really needed to get rid of. I also found out things that I really needed to know that has changed the way I looked at life in general and what I need to do from this point on. I would definitely recommend Jeroen to anyone. I am very blessed to have him helped me the way he did and I am also very grateful for the opportunity and this journey! Thank you Jeroen, greatly appreciated!!”
Marlene (USA)
“I highly recommend Jeroen for his healing services! My two sessions with him were excellent and he cleared some of my abundance blocks which had to do with feeling worthy of abundance and happiness. I have felt more positive, optimistic and in the flow of life since my sessions with Jeroen. Every time I’ve needed to purchase something since the sessions, I have found amazing deals at rock bottom prices. Or I would think of something I needed and soon after would synchronistically attract the perfect thing (find it outside, for free on craigslist, etc). I have also completely re-vamped my wardrobe and all the fresh energy feels great and very appropriate for me right now. Out with the old, in with the new! It has become easier for me to be who I am and to stay in tune with my intuition. It also simply feels easier to manifest. I am more in touch with the process of getting excited about what I’d like to have in my life and visualising and seeking more information on those things as a way of helping them to manifest. And then things seem to simply come to me in a easier and more effortless way than before– certainly some blocks have been lifted. Immediately after and during the sessions I had a sense of feeling relieved and much lighter. I could also feel energy and emotion moving through my body and clearing out. I am so grateful for these sessions and got a lot from just two sessions. I am looking forward to taking even more action now with my business and seeing what sort of success I am able to create over this next month. I know I am in much better shape to easily create financial success for myself now than I was before my sessions. This is clear to me from the other shifts I have been experiencing in my life and I can only imagine what will happen now as I take more focused action in my business. If you are on the fence to do a session with Jeroen, I would say don’t hesitate. Go for it, make it happen, the shifts you will experience are powerful, very real and will change your life!”
Jake (USA)
“I am so grateful for Jeroen in my life. Working with him has changed everything in such a positive and unexpected way. He is non-judgmental and self aware never claiming to be someone he isn’t. That means the world to me. Also, the techniques he uses to release blocks are non-invasive yet unbelievably effective in helping me move forward. I first came to Jeroen with the intention of releasing financial blocks that always seemed to stop me from accelerating my network marketing business. My journey with him grew deeper than just financial blocks into deep emotional blocks that have been stopping me my whole from feeling worthy of Abundance. The process reveals and releases one layer at a time. So profound! So amazing! And really so much easier than a lifetime of fears ever imagined! In a few sessions, we identified emotional blocks that I didn’t even know I had. After each session, it feels like a layer of stress and self doubt fades away…almost like a cloudy lens gets removed from in front of my eyes. After my sessions with Jeroen, I am feeling creative again like I did when I was a kid! I’m feeling passionate about fully awakening the parts of me that have been sleeping for so long! I recommend Inner Power Livin’ to anyone who is trying to get ahead in life and continuously gets knocked down by seemingly unexplained invisible blocks. Working with Jeroen will offer answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Forever Grateful!”
Valerie (Canada)
“Inner Power Livin’ is just what I needed. The sessions were more than what I expected! I’ve learned so much about myself and how important the subconscious mind is. I now wake up with so much gratitude and knowing that my heart-wall is now GONE is such an immense blessing. What is also fantastic is knowing that certain traits are not my fault but we’re inheritated. That was amazing learning that. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is having emotional and mental blocks in all areas of their life. When he would release the imbalances I felt the difference almost instantly and it got stronger the next day. So yes, you do need to wait 5 days until the next session for your mind & body to balance out again. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Kaila (USA)
“I came to Jeroen to move forward in my life. To address my beliefs/blockages as to why I could not manifest abundance into my life. I wanted to move through whatever was holding me back from creating the abundant life I deserve, that which is my birthright! I KNEW that, even though I had spent many years and a lot of time/energy on working through my issues, there was still a LOT to be cleared. I was NOT willing to wait any longer to deal with all of that stuff! I am now clear, motivated, alert, more able to retain what I am learning. I do not react like I used to … I am much more observant of the world around me but do not get drawn in to other people`s issues or challenges. I will help if necessary but I do not take on their emotions. Oh, and best of all, I have more clarity on my purpose and vision, which has enabled me to move towards what I am supposed to be doing with my life! I am peaceful and calm. I feel motivated and inspired. I have little to no stress. I am able to handle much more every day. I do not feel overwhelmed. I have mental clarity and I am alert. I observe my world instead of being overcome with emotions from other people’s drama or issues. Jeroen was amazing at explaining the process and determining what my emotional/abundance blocks were. His caring and loving attitude comes out in everything he says and does. I am SO grateful that Jeroen came into my life!! I would definitely recommended Inner Power Livin’. I feel this process is essential for those that want to move forward in their lives… to reach their goals and dreams, to live the life that they are meant to live, in total abundance in every area of their life!”
Julia (Canada)
“What I came to Inner Power Livin’ for to get help with, were financial struggles. I knew that something was wrong, I felt misaligned, but I didn’t know how to go about discovering and releasing the problem. I feel like I have control of my life. Where as before, I felt like I was trying to make things happen, but they would never turn out as desired. I feel optimistic and certain that my life is improving daily. I have a sense of integration with parts of me that I haven’t had a relationship with before. I can’t wait to keep discovering the better aspects of myself. After only 2 sessions I felt completely different and my perspective of things started to shift. Out of the blue I thought about logging in my account of a business system I was promoting months ago to see what was happening… To find out that I had just made $3,300 in commission a day before! Isn’t that crazy?”
Ester (USA)
“The experience has been one of utter amazement. After the first seen I manifested over $2600au in one business. Won a competition in another company which as a result I went to Miami for 2 weeks. I also was approached by some people who inspire me to do interviews with them. It was truly a blessing. During my second session I had terrible pains in my right shoulder and up the back of my neck and head. I was ready to go to the hospital but after our session I went to bed and woke up the next day with NO PAIN thats right! No pain in my shoulder (I had been having issues with it for 2 years) plus no head pain! I felt 10kgs lighter and was completely energized. It was like opening up a present on Christmas day, you know the one you have been waiting for. It’s a blessing and good things just keep happening.”
Nicola (Australia)
Coach & Energy Healer
“In life many things happen to us and we are completely clueless about the happenings. It was my case too. I was perplexed with the happenings in my life. Fortunately I discovered the factors that caused it and I found a great way to get rid of them. My way and guiding light was Jeroen. I came to know about Jeroen and his work from my Mentor and I got in touch with him. I felt connected with him in the first instance and I expressed my desire to do healing sessions with him. He is a great soul. I had abundance blocks. Whatever I did, however hard I worked, I could not make money, that drove me crazy. I was constantly in Anxiety and felt Unworthy. Jeroen successfully removed all my blocks. I felt much lighter, peaceful, happy and confident after my healing sessions. I feel more connected to myself now. I feel as if I have been cleansed from inside. I cannot thank Jeroen enough for his help. I had a great experience with Jeroen. He is amazing."
Trisha (India)
“I recently started energy healing with Jeroen to release some blocked emotions that I didn’t know I had. These energy blocks were holding me back from high energy potentials and success. Just after my first session with Jeroen I was able to release a blockage in my throat. I could physically feel the release and it hasn’t return. I was struggling for 4 years, looking for a job in the medical field, in which I have multiple qualifications. While I was sending out multiple applications for 4 years, I never received any answer, phone call or message. By my third session of releasing blockages, all of a sudden jobs that I applied for were calling ME because they wanted me to take the job. So right now I could choose from 3 different jobs! Besides that, I had received an unknown bonus and credits of nearly $700 in that same week! This was no coincidence. I’m extremely happy with my progress and how the work with Jeroen is changing my life. Excited to finish my sessions and look forward to working more with Jeroen in the coming year!”
Lindsay (USA)
Medical Professional
“My sessions with Jeroen have been exactly what I needed in my life at this point. I’ve been going through a lot of changes within myself and within my own work and business and have really struggled getting motivation, a sense of direction and allowing myself to feel overwhelmed easily. I experienced such feelings of lightness after our sessions, and some very extreme physical changes around my energy a day or two after. He tapped into so much about myself that I really was quite taken aback with his intuition and accuracy of past events in my life. I’ve been able to generate two new clients in the past week since our session that are interested in working with me, so feeling so grateful here! I feel more focused on the all positive aspects in my life and do really feel almost an up lifted sense of well being. Jeroen – thank you for your work, it’s been powerful and I thank you for your amazing gift in helping people.. I look forward to working with you more!”
Jade (Australia)
Body Confidence Coach
“I came to Jeroen because of my back pain that I have been suffering with for the last 6 years. After working with Jeroen, I am pain free and can do things I couldn’t before due to my back pain like lift weights at the gym!I am able to do activities I had to give up due to my back pain. I would highly recommend sessions with Jeroen!”
Evelin (USA)
Back Issues
“I came to Jeroen for help because I suffer from an autoimmune diseases. The changes I’ve experiences after sessions with Jeroen are Massive energy shifts, like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have much more clarity and more positive energy. I would 100% recommend working with Jeroen. He is amazing at what he does.”
Vic (Australia)
Health Issues
“Once I had my first sessions I felt comfortable laying out my “soul” to let them know what was going on in my life. Jeroen knows how to connect with others very well and makes me feel comfortable and at peace. Basically to address the issues with myself that are blocking me from reaching my full potential as a person. I want to improve my life on multiple levels. He was recommended to me by someone I respect and I am grateful I did. I have experienced manifestations of abundance in my life out of the blue that have helped me just at the right time in my life. It is like I have my own personal guardian angel watching for me, speaking to and guiding me. I have a very positive outlook on the future and less stress as now I feel like I am on the right path now for positive progress instead of taking on step forward and three back. I am less stressed, more focused and wake up feeling positive, amped up and grateful to start each day and go to sleep without worry. The foundation that Jeroen provides is one of the most important professional development steps that a person should take to work on themselves no matter what path in life they are walking towards. If you are blocking yourself no matter how hard you try to achieve any goal you are going to struggle getting there. This is a great investment in yourself. I highly recommend that you at least try a few sessions. Once you see the positive effects in your life you will want to continue to work on yourself with Jeroen.”
Adam (USA)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering why you can’t seem to flow in your business, career, health, relationships or general feeling of happiness and being fulfilled.. This is for you. This is for you too if you feel like something is blocking you but you can’t explain what. Something non-physical. I invite you to request a Discovery session to find out what is keeping you from living an abundant and happy life.

I help people rebalance their health, happiness and abundance by clearing trapped frequencies. I use muscle testing and intuitive guidance to identify trapped frequencies that are stuck in your resonance field from this life’s experiences, ancestral and past life energies. With your permission, I am able to clear these through intention and by creating a magnetic energy field.

During your Discovery session I will explain the process of how this works, and why this can be an effective method for you to move past any challenges in your life you are experiencing right now. 
In our remote sessions (no time investment for you), we will work on your goals and challenges you want to focus on together. I will identify what is holding you from reaching those goals and rebalancing these challenges and start to clear them out one by one. 

I use a combination of intuition (spirit guidance), my own healing protocol and The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. For more information visit Discover Healing.

Your body, subconscious mind and Higher Self know exactly what is keeping you from feeling happy, healthy and in flow with life. I am here to facilitate the process of you healing yourself. The outcome of clearing trapped frequencies happen in different ways and are unique to each individual. For that reason I cannot guarantee any specific results, just the knowing that everything happens in perfect alignment and timing for your unique personal journey. However, restoring the balance in your resonance field will create energy shifts that ripple out throughout different areas of your life.

Request a
Discovery Session

Discovery sessions are 30 minutes and will be hosted via Zoom or Messenger. Fill out the form to request a complementary Discovery session.

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