Reset Your Resonance

Rebalancing health, happiness and abundance by clearing trapped frequencies


Jeroen Oerlemans

Hi, I’m Jeroen, founder of Inner Power Livin’.
Since 2017, I help people rebalance their health, happiness and abundance by clearing trapped frequencies to experience great shifts in their daily lives. 
And today you might be here looking for the same. I invite you to read some client results and stories and contact me any time if you have questions.

What Clients Say

"With these sessions he has removed so many blocks that I was not aware of. I am now so much more at peace with myself, calmer in my thought process, I am now working through my daily tasks easily and effortlessly, my negative thoughts are no longer there. I manifested a job offer working two days a week for $500 a day which I then took! That made me $2,500 in just 5 days of working a couple of hours per day. Adding to it, I made $1,000 passively from my online business! I highly recommend Jeroen to anyone who is feeling that they are stuck and not moving forward.”
Tracy (Australia)
"During our sessions, he was able to release many trapped emotions I didn’t even realize were holding me back. In the short time we have been working together, I have been able to open up creatively, my energy has shifted, and I have been able to work at a much higher energy level. I had not been able to bring myself to do yoga or meditate for quite some time before I started working with Jeroen, and after our sessions, I was able to get back to my practice again. I feel lighter, happier and more energetic. People around me have mentioned my new sparkle and are asking me what I am doing differently."
Melody (USA)
“Going through the sessions with Jeroen, I had more and more clarity every week. Clarity about what to focus on, clarity and alignment with my goals and daily action steps in my business. I also felt more inspiration after each session. After releasing my Heart-Wall I felt so much confidence and I was feeling more connected with myself, more emotionally open and overall happier. And best of all, within a few days after releasing that Heart-Wall, I had the biggest income day in my business: $801.24 in 24 hours!” I would highly recommend Jeroen’s help, as being stuck is no fun!”
Seb (UK)

What Challenges Are You Facing?

Sometimes you just don’t know what is keeping you stuck with your health, happiness, finances or overall well-being. You feel like something is keeping you from feeling happy, healthy and in flow with life. You wonder why you are feeling uninspired, without any energy, unclear or simply disconnected.. Maybe, it is time for a reset. If this resonates, request a discovery session below to find out more.

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